Fluent Writer

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Let’s talk about your
content marketing
strategy and assets:


  • People visit your site and read your blog when they want information about your specific product or service. Give readers exactly what they need quickly, using clear, informative content on your landing pages, newsletters, emails, brochures, etc. Information that tightly aligns with your target audience and speaks their language compels them to take action.


  • Frequently posting fresh content on your blog is critical to content marketing. An informative and entertaining blog lets your readers know they are interacting with the same reassuring person every time they read your posts.

Ghost Writing

  • Readers trust and rely on your information to make informed purchasing decisions. But what if you’re too busy running your business to produce all the content you need? I help you continue to build and maintain your brand reputation and industry authority by matching your tone, voice, and style.

Content Editing

  • Your readers are the best proofreaders on the planet. They don’t miss a single grammar, spelling, or fact error. Present a professional, and error-free look and feel with your content. Make sure readers comment about the value of your messages—not the errors they find.


Hire me to help you produce the critical pieces of your content marketing plan.